Adam Goodfellow
a Biography
Adam's introduction to Live Entertainment started in Leeds back in the 1960's as part of Wheatstone Bridge, an acoustic folk band from St. Michael's College featuring Greg Hehir, Martin Brown and Pete Lister and featured limited appearances at Folk Clubs around Leeds and York, and big demand at Youth Clubs - all unpaid of course. Martin and Greg left after GCEs but Adam and Pete took a residency at the Leeds Free Trades Hall who held a Folk Evening every week, and although no money changed hands, they could drink what they wanted. Their table would be full of empty Newcastle Brown Ale Bottles at the end of the night! This trend followed as Adam and Martin then took at residency at the newly opened "Grobbs Wine Bar" in Leeds, where a little money did change hands, as well as a 1.5 litre bottle of Valpolicelli. A young and noisy Richard Whiteley was a frequent visitor to their regular Thursday nights at a time where Wine drinking was a new but developing and trendy past-time.
Adam's solo career started after doing an audition for Gordon Kellet Entertainments in Leeds in the early 70's and his first paid gig was at Carlton WMC near Rothwell where he arrived at the gig in a Morris 1000 sporting a Fane PA system and a Guitar amp that played up all night. Reports must have been good however and more work followed, nearly all using the accompaniment of a resident organist and drummer. Working solo however was not allowing Adam the opportunity to play the music he liked and he first got back with Martin Brown to form the duo The John Martin Duo, and they were joined then by Pete Lister (Bass) and Adam's brother Michael Allen (Keyboards) to form the group Pipeline. When playing at Clubs they used the resident drummer when available, although they did employ one of the first ever drum machines, as well as occasionally using the services of girl drummer Tina. Martin was to leave to work in a pro act called coincidentally Kylie Brown, and he was replaced by the outstanding musician Mark Uttley (aka Mark Ostyn). Mark had been at school with Adam, Pete and Martin, but as a very talented musician he had gained a Music degree and had been a member of the successful Folk Music recording group Gallery.. Mark brought to Pipeline a new musical dimension, gifted as he was on Violin, Lead Guitar and Bass Guitar. The band had opportunities to work abroad, but they were hampered by the full time work commitments of Pete, Adam and Michael. Their music was diverse and included music from The Eagles, Sutherland Brothers and Quiver, Supertramp, Jigsaw, Stevie Wonder, Neil Diamond, Smokie as well as many of the 1970's chart music of the day.
A typical fee in those days might be as little as £35, although the group registered for VAT and there were some comical situations which arose when the group had to explain to ill-educated and inebriate Working Men's Club Concert Secretaries at the end of the evening that they had to pay VAT on top of the fee. The reason for the VAT registration was that Michael (a Chartered Accountant by trade) had worked out that by reclaiming the VAT on Gear (which was rated at 25% VAT at that time) and on Petrol (17.5%) meant that the Customs & Excise would be refunding them at the end of each quarter, and so it turned out! Even so the economics of the group were not good, and soon they split up, leaving Adam and Mark to work as a duo - often for more money than they had earned as a 4 and 5 piece group!

The duo was named Duplex and with Adam's personality and vocal talents and Mark's superb musicianship they were soon managed by top Entertainment Agents ATS Entertainments run by famous impressario brothers Stanley and Michael Joseph, who besides running the agency also operated the Leeds City Varieties Theatre which hosted the world famous TV program "The Good Old Days" with Barney Colehan, as well as managing some of the big cabaret names of the day such as comedians Charlie Williams and Duggie Brown.

The repertoire of music was wide, and included music by Bread, The Eagles, Dr Hook, Brian and Michael, Neil Diamond and of course a wide range of Instrumental music featuring Mark's fiddle. Devil amongst the Tailor, Jig a Jig, Irish Washerwoman and Orange Blossom Special were guaranteed to have the audience on their feet, clapping and stamping along. They worked at all the top Cabaret Clubs in the North of England including Batley Variety Club, Wakefield Theatre Club, and large Social Clubs such as Dial House in Sheffield and Carlinghow WMC near Dewsbury. Duplex worked all over the North of England at substantial fees and Adam and Mark made regular TV appearances both as Duplex, but also with the help of Equity Membership and ATS Casting they made numerous individual appearances in TV programs, Films and Adverts for The BBC, Yorkshire TV, Granada and other production companies. Adam's credits included Emmerdale Farm, Flambards, All Creatures Great & Small, Coronation Street, Darling Buds of May (with David Jason and Catherine Zeta Jones), Sherlock Holmes, Juliet Bravo, All Quiet on the Preston Front, Medics (with Tom Baker) Wall of Tyranny (with Tony Danza, David McCallum and Syd Caesar) 1914 All Out, Last of the Summer Wine, David Copperfield, First of the Summer Wine, Heartbeat (with Nick Berry and Niamh Cusack) and dozens more. However at the top of their popularity Mark was involved in a serious Motor Cycle accident, and was out of action for 6 months, and although Adam's brother Michael stepped in to fulfill the Duplex bookings it took the wind out of their sails.

Adam then undertook some solo work in the early 1980's in Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava in Spain, working at a bar which was run by a Pakistani from Leeds called Raja (everyone called him Roger). Roger was an astute business man and changed the name of the Bar according to the best rate of exchange, so if the pound was high he called it "Paddy's Bar" but when the German Mark was high he changed the name to the Bier Keller or Bier Stube, employing the very same English-only speaking staff and entertainment! Backing tracks were still a fairly rare thing at that time and the musical backing was provided by Bradford born Bob Dooling on keyboard and local Spaniard Baldo on drums. It was not unheard of to spin time out by doing a 20 minute version of a slightly risque version of "She'll be coming round the mountain" or "Music Man" playing as they did sometimes until 2 or 3 in the morning.
Mark recovered from his injuries, but Adam was now running his own Insurance Brokerage and Mark had landed a lead part in the Children's Drama "How we used to live" which restricted their free dates, and Duplex broke up. Mark went on to gain national recognition as he pursued his Orchestral career firstly as Conductor of the Spa Orchestra in Scarborough, taking over from Max Jaffa, and more recently as conductor of the Malaysia National Orchestra based in Penang. Adam came out of the entertainment business to concentrate on building up his own Insurance Broking business.
Fast forward now to 1994 and Adam had built up and sold his Insurance business, but was under contract not to compete with the Company to who he had sold out, so he had find another career. He and his family were now living in a large house set in 5 acres of land in Sandholme, near Gilberdyke in the East Riding of Yorkshire (or North Humberside as it was then), and there was plenty to keep him busy, what with Horses, Dogs, Goats, Geese, Turkeys and Hens, as well as bringing up 3 daughters - Danielle, Kate and Vicki and son Greg, but much of his business sale proceeds had gone into the property and he needed some income. He and his then wife Heather, visited Howden Working Men's Club one evening and saw a trio, and Adam was far from impressed by the standard, and said "If they are getting paid for this, I think I'll give it a try" Despite not having sung in anger for over 10 years within days he had bought a new PA System, a new Electric Guitar and amp and a new State of the Art Keyboard and was working hard at producing backing tracks, singing, and practising his new stage act. During their time with ATS, Adam and Mark had worked on the East Coast for McLeod Holden Agency and a phone call to their booker Liz Hugill soon provided Adam with some bookings, although perhaps a little sooner than he had hoped, and although by his own admission his act was not the finished article at that early time, with lots of hard work his act developed and expanded and soon he was also working for other agencies including Stuart Adamson at Newlands Artists and Norman Turton at SAS Entertainments throughout East, West and North Yorkshire.
Although Adam was busy, it was difficult to make ends meet by working only Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the pubs and clubs and he needed to find more mid-week work, and although his act was mainly material from 60's, 70's and a smattering of modern material, Adam learnt that there was mid-week work to be had singing Country & Western music, so he put together about 4 Country songs (just about the whole of his repertoire) and auditioned for Mike Storey from the North's Top Country Music Agency - Mike & Margaret Storey Entertainments, and again was given a boatload of work! Gulp! Another frenetic rush ensued to get together as much Country Music as possible, but the hard work again paid off and Adam soon established himself as one of the most popular Country Music entertainers, particularly in South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, often now working 5 or 6 nights per week.
Around about this time Adam came to the attention of a couple of National Agents, and was offered work throughout the UK, doing 10 day runs in South Wales, Scotland, and one particular gig of note was for Richard Branson at his "Rooftop Gardens Restaurant" overlooking Princess Diana's Kensington Palace, with Pink Famingo's wading in ponds dotted around the beautiful garden Restaurant on top of a 10 storey building! A far cry from 3 x 20 minute spots at Bottomboat Working Men's Club! He worked for a time for Stenna Lines working aboard the "Stenna Caledonia" cruising the Irish Sea between Stranraer in Scotland and Larne in Northern Ireland, before joining North Sea Ferries (now P&O Ferries) aboard the Norsea on the Hull to Rotterdam line. It was here that Adam shared the night's entertainment with the Grimsby based "Louis McCoy Band" made up of lead singer Paul Marklew (now known as excellent singer songwriter Paul X), outstanding guitarist Craig Willoughby (now has his own band - Rain working for Brittany Ferries out of Portsmouth and occasionally cruising the Caribean), and bass player Andy Wilson (who later formed his own band working in Abu Dhabi and married an Egyptian girl). The four became firm friends as they encountered incidents and episodes which would fill a book all on their own.
Back on dry land, and although Adam was enjoying more than a measure of success as an entertainer, he missed the rough and tumble of commerce, and felt that the Hull and East Riding area was missing an Entertainment Guide. Most other areas had a book (often sponsored by the local Concert Secretary Federation) but Hull being mainly populated with Private Clubs had no such guide. Although many people cautioned that it would not be accepted, Adam Goodfellow started up "Live on Stage" in May 1997 which ran for 7 years and 87 issues, before stopping the Paper Issue of the Magazine and transferring all the information onto the Live on Stage Website.
In March 1998 friend Craig Willoughby was looking for a Girl singer for his band (see Rain further up the page) and he and Adam went to a Charity Night being held at the Lawn's Club in Sutton, where a female singer C. C. Bennett was appearing along with several other singers. Whilst CC Bennett was not able to commit to overseas work, Craig and Adam met briefly another female singer - Stephanie Jane who was also appearing. Some months later an Agent mentioned in passing to Adam that it was difficult to find good Country & Western duos - particularly Male / Female and Adam rang Stephanie Jane and asked if she might be interested in working together on an occasional basis. So started the "Best of Both" Duo and whilst the relationship at that stage was purely professional, they worked together from time to time as well as pursuing their own solo careers.
The life of an Entertainer might seem very glamorous, but the truth is that it is very difficult to fit into the mould of a "normal" family routine. Living in a fairly remote area meant that Adam might return home at 1 or 2 am, and as his wife worked early mornings at a local Garage, it became difficult to sustain a healthy relationship, and in early 1999 Adam and Heather separated and Adam and son Greg went to live in Bridlington, nearer to much of his regular work. Adam and Stephanie Jane's relationship eventually blossomed into romance, and in early 2000 the couple bought a house together and Stephanie Jane moved to Bridlington with her daughter Andrea, and sons Shaun and Steven. In September 2001 the couple married and Stephanie Jane changed her professional name to Stephanie Jane Goodfellow and the duo became known as "The Goodfellows"
In late 2002, The Goodfellows were invited to become contestants on the popular BBC 1 Daytime programme "Bargainhunt" hosted by the suave David Dickinson. The programme was watched by over 3 million people and in the interview section David alluded to their singing career and both Adam and Stephanie Jane sang, and concluded with a very cheesy version of Chirpy Chirpy Cheap as Chips (aka Chirpy Chirpy Cheep, Cheep) to the accompaniment of David and their expert for the day Charles Hanson. (See more detailed write up - here)
These days, Adam's choice of material is as varied as the venues that he performs in. His repertoire includes music from The Beatles, The Searchers, The Monkees, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Status Quo, Robbie Williams, Elton John, Billy Joel, Tom Jones, Boyzone, Ronan Keeting, Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Don Williams, Kenny Rogers, Alan Jackson, The Mavericks, Peter & Gordon, Roy Orbison, Gene Autrey, George Formby, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Jim Reeves, Nat King Cole, Matt Monro, Paul Anka, Guy Mitchell, Joe Longthorne, Daniel O'Donnell. The Woolpackers, Buddy Holly, Jeff Beck, Village People, The Drifters, Rod Stewart, The Foundations, Stealer's Wheel as well as literally dozens and dozens more. He has appeared in Theatres (Leisure World, Bridlington, Spa Theatre Bridlington, King's Theatre, Newmarket, Apollo Theatre Skegness etc etc) on Cruise Ships (as detailed earlier) at Holiday Camps (Haven Camps up and down the East Coast, Makis, Blue Dolphin, Primrose Valley, Aldborough etc etc) Hotels (too many to mention) Working Mens and Social Clubs, Public Houses, Community Centres, numerous Wedding Receptions, Army and RAF Camps - even Old Folks homes! Adam and Stephanie Jane prefer to work together wherever possible these days, and in the past couple of years they have travelled to places as far flung as The Arran Islands off the West Coast of Ireland, Magalluf in Mallorca and even The Bahia Principe Beach Resort in Dominican Republic in the Caribean to entertain.
March 2004 Update: The Goodfellows moved to Magalluf, Majorca in early 2004, where they took over the running of what is now known as "Goodfellows Music Bar" and whilst they still appear there from time to time, and play at the well-known Santa Lucia Hotel in nearby Palma Nova every 2 weeks, their time is mainly taken up looking after the bar.
June 2006 Update: Still living and working in Majorca, but pressure of work meant they were unable to continue with their regular gig at the Santa Lucia, and now only sing at Goodfellows, where Adam includes a Frank Sinatra Tribute and a Guitar Legends Show out of the high season, and he and Steff also put on a 60's Show and Country Show, but not in the high season (June to August)
August 2007 Update: Although it's still very hard work, the Bar is improving year on year, and so far 2007 has been the best year yet. However during the July / August period which is mainly younger people, the Goodfellows sing very little, saving it until the youngsters have gone back to School / College / University, and leaving a slightly older audience.
April 2008 Update: An unbelievably quiet start to the season, probably caused by how early Easter fell this year, has meant a delay to the beginning of the Entertainment Programme at Goodfellows, but Adam takes to the stage again with his new persona - Comedy Country Singer Tex Drucks - watch this space.
February 2009 Update: Despite another succesful year in 2008, the most profitable and consistent part of the income at Goodfellows has been the food, and so during the winter months we have completely refitted the inside of the Bar with an increased sized Kitchen, which has meant there will be no regular Live Entertainment in Goodfellows for 2009, but there will be a lot more space for Diners, and due to the bigger Kitchen, a wider and more varied menu.
May 2009 Update: Following huge delays in the refitting of the Bar, an offer was accepted to purchase the Bar, and Goodfellows Music bar is no more, having been split into 2 seperate bars. Adam & Steff have now set up Central Auctioneers in Magalluf and are mostly involved in the buying and selling of Bar, Restaurant, Shop and Office Fixtures & Fittings. See
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